South Central Region Steering Committee

 Cathy Leslie, Executive Director 

Scott Hammond, Chapter Relations Manager

Julie Jones, Co-President 
                      N. Texas Professionals

Rebecca Ward, Secretary
                Oklahoma East Professionals

Bruce King, Louisiana State Rep
                 Baton Rouge Professionals 

Anton Gagne, Southeast Texas State Rep
           South Houston Professionals (JSC) 

AnnMarie Spexet, RTAC Chair
                Central Houston Professionals 

Bob Walker, Board of Directors
                        N. Texas Professionals 

Chris Lombardo, Co-President
                              Greater Austin

Kim Chanslor, Treasurer
               Central Houston Professionals 

Corrie Thompson, Central Texas State Rep
                              Greater Austin

John Doyle, Arkansas State Rep
               Central Arkansas Professionals

Wyatt Borden, Webmaster
                   Rutgers University

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