Did you hear? The Regional Workshop will be held at LSU this October! If you remember the workshop at A&M last year, or at SMU the year before, students and professionals had the opportunity to network with each other, learn about EWB-USA, participate in technical sessions, and collaborate over lunch during numerous forums. So what's in store for this coming workshop?

EWB-USA has decided not to host an international conference every year and, instead, vamp up the regional workshops around the country. This means that more money will go into the workshop funds and host chapters will have more freedom to think outside of the box and provide different activities for participants. We know that this workshop will be HUGE since there will be no international conference in March. I repeat, there is no international conference in 2013. So everyone plan on attending the workshop. We promise you won't be disappointed. I think I may have heard a rumor about a rope's course or a really awesome new technical session, or maybe even a guest appearance by Kanye West. Okay well maybe the Kanye thing is false, but the other two may be true. 

Guess you'll have to find out on October 19th! Check back to the Workshop Page for more information as we get updates!